Home WILLIAM C. SNYDER v. ANTHONY ARENA, MAUREEN TARDELLI, and WILLIAM CARR, as They are Members of the City of Medford Zoning Board of Appeals; and BETTYE ANN BLATMAN, Trustee of Warren Street Realty Trust

MISC 09-404400

October 17, 2011


Piper, J.


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This action, commence in this court on June 6, 2009, is an appeal, pursuant to G.L. c. 40A, §17, brought by plaintiff William C. Snyder, from a decision by the Medford Zoning Board of Appeals, whose members are defendants, concerning the property at 90 Warren Street in Medford whose owner is defendant Bettye Ann Blatman, Trustee of the Warren Street Realty Trust. The Board’s decision (“Decision”) rendered in its case A-2009-10, was filed with the Medford City Clerk on June 15, 2009.

This case came on to be heard on motions of the parties for summary judgment. In a decision of even date, the court (Piper, J.) has granted the defendants’ motions for summary judgment and denied the plaintiff’s motions for summary judgment.

In accordance with the court’s decision issued today, it is

ORDERED and ADJUDGED that the Decision of the Board is not beyond the scope of authority of the defendant members of the Board; is not arbitrary, capricious, unreasonable or contrary to law; and is not legally entitled to be annulled or modified. It is further

ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that plaintiff is not entitled to any relief or award. It is further

ORDERED that no fees, costs, or other amounts are awarded to any party.

By the Court. (Piper, J).