Home LILLIAN B. MALVESTI, Trustee of A & M Realty Trust vs. MICHAEL E. TIERNEY, Trustee of Tierney Realty Trust.

MISC 160456

December 2, 1992

Plymouth, ss.



This matter came on to be heard on December 4, 1991, and was argued and later briefed by Counsel. In consideration of the foregoing, it is hereby ORDERED and ADJUDGED that:

Plaintiff has not sustained her burden of proof that Defendant's action in selling her the premises at 81 Park Street, Rockland, constituted fraud, whereby this action is hereby dismissed; and it is FURTHER ORDERED and ADJUDGED that:

The purchase money note delivered by Plaintiff to Defendant, May 3, 1988, is due and payable in the amount of $126,764.25 with interest accrued subsequent to February 26, 1992 less any payments made since that date.