Home ALEXANDER STYLLER v. THOMAS AYLWARD, JOHN FALLON, JANIS MARKAKIS, PATRICK RONDEAU and BRIAN SHAFFER as members of the Lynnfield Zoning Board of Appeals, and JOHN ROBERTO as Building Inspector of the Town of Lynnfield.

MISC 16-000757

September 19, 2018

Essex, ss.



For the reasons set forth in the court's Decision of this day, it is ORDERED, ADJUDGED and DECREED that plaintiff Alexander Styller's short-term rentals of his home without a special permit are, and always have been, in violation of the applicable Lynnfield zoning bylaws and have no "grandfathered" protection. They are thus subject to the current zoning bylaw which prohibit rentals of thirty days or less in his Single Residence District, and the defendant zoning board's Decision prohibiting Mr. Styller from making such rentals is thus